Financial Module

The Financial module consists of the following sub-modules:

General Ledger

General features

  • User can have any number of financial periods and can name them
  • Ability to start the new fiscal year without closing the previous year till finishing the adjustment and automatic transforming the initial accounts balance later.
  • Multi company, years and accounting units
  • Multi currency
  • Multi branches

Accounting Master File

  • Account number up to 15 digits numeration is unlimited
  • Accounts tree with unlimited levels
  • Confidential accounts and users levels for more privacy
  • Foreign currency accounts*


  • Customer defined journals with flexible entry serial for each journal or year
  • General explanation for the entry in addition to special interpretation for each entry line
  • Flexible control over accessibility to the entry in balance and details
  • Ability to record the entry lines directed to account reference, cost center and up to two optional statistical analysis codes
  • Ability to use the American Journal Classification
  • Dealing with the repeated entries easily
  • Distributing amounts recorded in certain pre-defined proportioned accounts directly or periodically on various statistical items and cost centers.
  • Ability to check/auditing a balance during recording the entry or opening new accounts
  • Inquiring about entries should happen in all possibilities, including any part of the explanation and printing it in a certain way.
  • Accounting units entries (or multiple companies) can be identified easily
  • Amounts can be recorded in negative values to correct the parties accounts without enlargement
  • There are operations for revising the total entries for verification and correction on the  basis of the entry, the date, account, statistics or cost accounting and make these options available during recording

Subsidiary ledger and statement of account

To enable the user to extract a certain statement of account with another account or cost center or even extracting many accounts merged in one account statement, there should be great flexibility for the variables of data extraction. The system allows control over statement of accounts concerning format, content and order according to the common accounting methods and writing the final balance in words


  • A Wide variety of direct reports for the accounts, their movement and balance such as the account balance report, the American statistic item report, cross balance reports and statistic items, cost accounting, and cost centers in addition to diagramming the balances and different comparisons.
  • The system also have different financial reports such as trial balance, final accounts reports like operating accounting, profit and loss accounting, income statement, budget, financial indexes and rates.
  • The user can decide the format and layout without closing through the automatic financial report builder.

General features

  • User can have any number of financial periods and can name them
  • Ability to start the new fiscal year without closing the previous year till finishing the adjustment and automatic transforming the initial accounts balance later.
  • Multi company, years and accounting units
  • Multi currency
  • Multi branches
  • 1
  • 2
  • journalentriesreference

Cost Accounting

Cost Accounts Master File

  • Account number up to 15 digits .Numeration is unlimited
  • Unlimited cost accounting levels
  • Security levels for controlling the privacy

Cost centers

  • The system presents multi-levels
  • Ability to register the journal at any level
  • Provides analyses and distribution of direct and indirect cost centers
  • Flexible in deciding the cost accounting levels


  • Same general journal with putting the number of the cost account in addition to analytic statistic item or more in the same line with the account number
  • Can distribute the sum on the different cost items

Subsidiary ledger

  • Can extract the data of the registered motion of any cost account with the same flexible rules available in the general accounting


  • Balance report
  • Motion of any period ,in total or in detail
  • Analytic reports that illustrate the reports of each cost account with general accounts in columns and rows.
  • Analyzing cost centers on different levels.

Fixed Assets

Assets Master File

  • Complete record for the particulars of each main asset, place, dependence and rules of depreciation
  • Different accounts in general accounts and cost accounting

Assets transactions

  • Presents registering all kinds of asset turnover as addition, removing, etc.
  • Ability to divide any asset to 2 parts or more
  • Ability to merge two assets or more in one

Assets balance

  • Contains a history of the records for asset depreciation according to the fiscal period, either a month, a quarter or so.
  • Automatically calclates the value of depreciation allocations, grouped and reserves,
  • Posting depreciation completely to general ledger and cost accounting

Personal liabilities transactions

  • Transmitting imprest account from a person to another or to a store


Variety of reports such as :
  • Balance pursuing
  • fixed assets turnover at different levels, place, origin, group, account, cost center and imprest account
  • fixed_asset_analytical
  • main
  • new_fixed_assets_data


Basic features

  • Record for each single treasury and the validity for each user
  • Record for different expenses budgets in general and at the level of each branch or cost center or department

Cashier Transactions

  • Issuing spend or payment orders to be approved
  • Issuing spend or cash receipts and recording the data
  • Ability to relate payments to the original documents either they are of the suppliers, customers or expenses
  • Recording the particulars of the received or issued cash receipts
  • Ability to print cheques or promissory notes
  • Posting the treasury motion to the general accounting
  • Pursuing the spent amounts in each expense group according to the budget
  • Warning in case of exceeding budgeted expenses


  • Printing treasury motion journal with the necessary analysis
  • Analyzing the cash flow and payment during any period according to the different items
  • Future analytic reports for the expected cash flow recorded in pay orders
  • Ability to compare cash and payment receipts

Checks and Banks

  • Data record for notes payable and notes receivable
  • Transactions
  • Queries
  • CashierTrQuery
  • RcptTrRev
  • checks_query


  • Defining budget at the levels of expenses, revenues accounts, cost center or grouped expenses.
  • Documents Flow Cycle and General Ledger modules control the budget and warning when expenses exceed.
  • Budget motion: reinforcement, transfer, over and short etc.
  • Reports: Actual expenses compared with the draft budget and others

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