ADVAC Easy® is one of the top selling software at ADVAC. Although it is sold of-the-shelve and that it is designed to be very easy and simple to use; it is still very rich and reliable. It serves different business sectors varying from small to medium businesses such as but not limited to: wholesale or retail, small factories, contracting and services companies, etc.

General Features

  • Bilingual (Arabic / English)
  • Monthly history log for all sales for all items or category including sales, cost and profit
  • Analytic monthly and history reports by item, class , salesperson or representative
  • Graphs for history data , analyzing sales and profits by item , category and representative
  • Graphs for sales and accounting balances
  • Balancing all accounts balances in different formats
  • Extract and print transaction journals in different forms, totally or in details

System Features


  • Cash, delayed or consigned
  • Register and extract sales invoices with ability to change format as needed.
  • Sales, profit, item rates, category rates and representative rates reports.
  • Direct Stock effect by transaction or delayed dealer
  • Special Offer processing
  • Processing Salespersons rules and commissions in different ways.
  • Running sales points.
  • Price Deals by dealer registering
  • Barcode Pricing automation
  • credit_sales
  • credit_sales_return
  • edit_to_price_list
  • item_details_data
  • item_monthly_sales
  • price_list


  • Cash, delayed or consigned
  • Purchases transactions Recording
  • Purchase report follow-ups and analysis for price and cost changes
  • Direct Stock effect by transaction or delayed purchases supplier.
  • Dealing with different special offers.
  • Ability to record price lists by supplier
  • credit_purchse
  • purchase_pricing_list
  • purchase_reject


  • Define items on different group levels
  • Unlimited direct dealing with item balances
  • Stock transaction Register
  • Define different item pricing lists by sales and purchases mode
  • Dealing with items with different validity date and compound items
  • Consignment Items balance Audit
  • Piece Serial No processing
  • Different stock reports ( Inventory- evaluation- slow moving items-minimum- cycle rate)
  • damage
  • descrease
  • increase
  • items_detail
  • out_stock
  • product_in
  • stock
  • transfeer_from
  • transfeer_to


  • Expenses items definition
  • Expenses transactions defining
  • Recording personal drawn
  • Expenses analysis, follow-up and audit reports by items
  • account_chart
  • expenses
  • journal_voucher
  • payment voucher
  • payment_voucher_2
  • receipt_voucher

Bank and Cashier

  • Direct effect on all transactions
  • Register accounts payable and accounts receivable , payments, installments and transactions for all
  • Balance and statement of accounts matching
  • Strict accounts payable and accounts receivable audit
  • cheques_data
  • cheques_multi_enter
  • cheques_quiry
  • cheques_transaction

Suppliers Accounting

  • Recording basic suppliers data and beginning balances
  • Registering paid sums
  • Direct effect on supplier balances from purchasing invoices.
  • Extracting statement of accounts for any period in different forms, total or in details
  • Supplier statement for any period
  • vendor_details

Customer Accounts

  • Recording basic customer data with beginning balances
  • Recording paid sums
  • Direct effect on customer balances from sales invoices
  • Extracting statement of account for any period in different formats
  • Customer balances statement for any period
  • customer_details

Transaction and Operating Accounts

  • Item out and operating expenses recording
  • Recording Complete Production import
  • Operating accounts follow up in details or total
  • Ability to put costs automatically on products

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